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In Austria the Sultans Trail starts in the center of Vienna at the entrance of the St. Stephans Dom. The clocks of this beautiful church are made from the melted iron of the Ottoman canons. From here the Sultans Trail passed the following places: under the gate of Vienna to Simmering, Rauchenwarth, Wienerherberg, Trautmannsdorf an der Leitha, Wilfleinsdorf, Bruck an der Leitha, Sommerein, Breitenbrunn, Purbach, Donnerskirchen, Oggau am Neusiedler See, Rust and Mörbisch at the Hungarian border. After passing Sporon the trail comes back in Austria for one day.

The Kompass biking and hikingmap nr. 227 (Burgenland) of 1:50.000 covers the whole route in Austria.

If you would like to follow an alternative route you kan follow the Donau bikr toue from Vienna (over Bratislava, Budapest, Novi Sad and Belgrade to Smederevo). Available at or the specialized bookstore.

Map of Viena in Google Maps 


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