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The following person have walked (parts of) the Sultans Trail and received a so calles Ferman. This document can be compared to the Compostella that pelgrims get once they arrive in Santiago de Compostella. .

Arrival in Istanbul Departure Name
29/jul/09 Sofıa, Bulgarije Kyra Kuitert
06/aug/09 Kapikule, Turkije Frans "dede'' de Valk
06/aug/09 Kapikule, Turkije Yvonne Wijnands
06/aug/09 Kapikule, Turkije Marjan Kerssens
06/aug/09 Kapikule, Turkije Annemieke Berkhout
06/aug/09 Kapikule, Turkije Tini Krom
06/aug/09 Kapikule, Turkije Wim Tomassen
06/aug/09 Kapikule, Turkije Madelon Franssen
06/aug/09 Dursunköy, Turkije Soraya Lale Çakır
06/aug/09 Dursunköy, Turkije Khadija Krim
06/aug/09 Vienna, Oostenrijk Sedat Çakır


25/jun/10 Kapikule, Turkije Madelon Franssen
25/jun/10 Kapikule, Turkije Giovanni Cordoni
25/jun/10 Kapikule, Turkije Poti Malaquias
25/jun/10 Kapikule, Turkije Wytse de Boer
25/jun/10 Kapikule, Turkije Wouter Marissen
25/jun/10 Kapikule, Turkije Guy Rocourt
25/jun/10 Kapikule, Turkije Sedat Çakır
25/jun/10 Kapikule, Turkije Meftun Kutlu
25/jun/10 Kirklareli, Turkije Kyra Kuitert
25/jun/10 Vize, Turkije Mirjam Cuper
25/jun/10 Vize, Turkije Rico van den Besselaar
25/jun/10 Eyüp İstanbul, Turkije Marc Guillet
25/jun/10 Eyüp İstanbul, Turkije

Slawomira Kozieniec


01/mar/11      Jim Clancy walked from Istanbul to Svilengrad, Bulgaria


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